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J. Robert Moskin
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Turncoat is the story of a young American named Morris Wills who fought the Chinese Communists, was taken prisoner, defected to China and lived there for twelve fascinating and frightening years.  It is the story of the death march he survived and the “brainwashing” he succumbed to.  It is a firsthand story of life inside Communist China.

In Turncoat, Wills describes candidly his confrontation with Communist officials and his insights into the minds of the Chinese people.  Here is a dramatic first-person account of the strange world behind the Bamboo Curtain.

Wills enlisted in the U.S. Army when he was seventeen, and less than six months later was in combat in Korea.  Captured by the Chinese, he was a POW for more than two years before choosing not to be repatriated.  He was one of twenty-one captured American soldiers who elected to go to China at the end of the war.

He says, “I turned my back on my country and my family and entered Communist China.  I wanted to live there and help the Communist Revolution.  I had been convinced that communism was the answer to everyone’s problems…Today, I am ashamed of that decision, but I will not deny that I made it voluntarily – and enthusiastically…”

Wills experienced the indoctrination, harassment, and regimentation that he found ever-present in China.  He also starred on the Peking University basketball team and wooed a Chinese girl who endured nearly a year in prison before she was permitted to become his wife.  Finally, disillusioned, he decided to come home with his wife and infant daughter.

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"A fascinating true story" Chicago Tribune Book World