J. Robert Moskin
Moskin with two East German police.

Moskin with two East German
police just inside
Communist sector,
December 1960.






Marine Corps Heritage Foundation, General Oliver P. Smith Award
(for The Marines), 1999.

Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association, Distinguished Service Award,  
(for The Marines), 1999.

Marine Corps Historical Foundation, Distinguished Service Award, 1996.

Council on Foundations, Best Annual Report, 1985, 1986.

National Jewish Book Award
(for Among Lions), 1983.

Marine Corps Combat Correspondents Association, Distinguished Service Award
(for The U.S. Marine Corps Story), 1978.

Overseas Press Club, Citation for Excellence, 1971.

Overseas Press Club, best magazine reporting from abroad, 1969.

National Headliners Award,
best feature writing, 1967.

Newspaper Guild of N.Y.,
Page One Award, best magazine writing, 1965.

Sidney Hillman Foundation Award, best magazine writing, 1965.



American Statecraft      

“…this impressive and massive tome [takes] a unique look at this oft-neglected field”  Publishers Weekly

“An ambitious, impressively researched history.”  Kirkus Reviews

“Anyone interested in understanding our diplomacy, what makes it tick, and how it strives to serve the public interest should read this masterful history.”
Ambassador Thomas R Pickering

“A  fascinating and long-overdue account of the important work that our diplomats have done for the country from the days of Benjamin Franklin to the present.”  Ambassador Richard N. Gardner

“An incisive and fascinating account of the central role the U.S. Foreign Service has played in American diplomacy since the beginning of the republic.” Ambassador R. Nicholas Burns; former Under Secretary of State. 

“Robert Moskin has expertly filled a huge gap in our knowledge of what the Foreign Service is and how its members serve America, often under harrowing conditions….There is no other book like this.”
Ambassador Brandon H. Grove, Jr.; president emeritus, The American Academy of Diplomacy.


Mr. Truman's War         

"A perfect-pitch rendering of this critical period..."
Chris Patsilelis, New York Times Book Review

"A notable accomplishment..." Alistair Horne, The Wall Street Journal

"A riveting story of war and peace....Popular history at its best."
Boston Globe

"Entertaining history, as well as an impressive, detailed introduction to a complex period." Publishers Weekly

"A straightforward, suitably plain-spoken account of the first dramatic months of a presidency that transformed America’s   world role."
Kirkus Reviews

"Moskin is an experienced author who writes engagingly..."
Washington Post Book World, Stanley L. Falk

"Veteran journalist J. Robert Moskin brings a good eye for the significant detail and a handy talent for narrative..." Memphis Commercial-Appeal

"A superb job" Chattanooga Free Press Sunday

"Moskin’s prose is smooth and pleasurable to read, and his scholarship is impressive." Dennis O’Brien, Chicago Tribune

"Moskin’s book offers readers wide learning and immense comfort."
Henry F. Graff, Professor Emeritus of History, Columbia University,
The New Leader

"Moskin...witnessed the period he writes about and participated in some of its high points... [ he] is a shrewd judge of public affairs...." Henry F. Graff, Professor Emeritus of History, Columbia University, The New Leader

"This biography reads more like a thriller at times." Russ Cardwell,
Post and Courier of Charleston

"One hell of a book." Guy Powers, Detroit Free Press

The U.S. Marine Corps Story

"The author is a well-known journalist and former editor of Look magazine....highly recommended..." Library Journal

"This book is a marvel....Moskin tells his stories with drama and verve, and often sheer poetry." West Coast Review of Books

"A major, milestone history." Brig. Gen. E. H. Simmons,
Director of Marine Corps History

"This will more than likely remain the standard book on the Marines for some time to come." Washington Post

"Moskin, a former Look magazine foreign editor...has done a beautiful job....It is a book wealthy in drama and tragedy, suffering and triumph."
Hartford Courant

"The tone of most of this reference-history, by a former editor of Look magazine who has covered recent wars personally, is objective, with a light overlay of admiration..." New York Times Book Review

"One hell of a book." Leon Uris

"The best written story of the Corps I have read....well-researched and extremely interesting to read." General Wallace M. Greene, Jr., former commandant,USMC

"This is one helluva book: we recommend it without reservation."
Armed Forces Journal International

" the most detailed, graphic and stirring history of the Marine Corps ever published." John Barkham Review

"It pulls no punches." The Atlanta Journal

"Historian J. Robert Moskin captures the Marines’ story with an understated brilliance." The Sacramento Union


"A fascinating true story" Chicago Tribune Book World

Morality in America

"Chilling and challenging" Ray Erwim, Editor and Publisher

"A masterpiece of clear, balanced, realistic writing" David R. Mace, PhD

"Disturbing, penetrating and thought provoking" Gordon M. Mattick, D.D.

"A primer to enlightenment and a reference for current ethical conundrums."  Eliot Fremont-Smith