J. Robert Moskin
J. Robert Moskin
Morality in America
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With uncommon candor, Morality in America examines the immoralities so disturbing in our everyday lives and exposes the meaning of the moral crises in which we live.  It discusses frankly the dilemmas each of us faces over religion, power, prejudice, money, and sex. It answers such questions as:

What is the greatest American vice?

Are we becoming sexually more promiscuous?

Do we worship money as the source of happiness?

Why do so many clergymen fear our churches have failed?

J. Robert Moskin, a skilled, award-winning journalist,  discussed our moral problems with nearly a hundred thinkers, leaders, experts and statesmen here and abroad.  Their insights and thoughts, combined with the author’s own understanding of our swiftly changing and dangerous age, offer a provocative and helpful analysis of the decisions each American is forced to make.

Paul Tillich, one of the many people interviewed by the author, put his finger on the challenge of these decisions in our society: “the individual has in himself, essentially, the responsibility to form his own convictions and act accordingly.” As Americans, we do not live in an authoritarian system, and thus the individual who has the courage can oppose society.  Many of the leaders and thinkers who were interviewed by Moskin have demonstrated this courage to accept the responsibility for their convictions; they speak with authority and understanding.

Morality in America reports boldly on the American way of life – our society, our values, and our hypocrisies.  It is a book of range and wisdom which dares us to look honestly at ourselves.

Praise for
Morality in America

"Chilling and challenging"
Editor and Publisher, Ray Erwim

"A masterpiece of clear, balanced, realistic writing"
David R. Mace, PhD

"Disturbing, penetrating and thought provoking"
Gordon M. Mattick, D.D.

"A primer to enlightenment and a reference for current ethical conundrums."  
Eliot Fremont-Smith