J. Robert Moskin
J. Robert Moskin

Among Lions:
The Definitive Account of the 1967 Battle for Jerusalem

Arbor House
Publishing Company
ISBN 0-87795-377-5

Ballantine Books
ISBN 0-345-29673-7



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June 5-7, 1967: three days that changed the course of history in the Middle East.  Three days during which raged the struggle to determine who would govern Jerusalem.  In this definitive and surprising account of the battle for the ancient city holy to Christians, Jews, and Muslims, a skilled journalist, J. Robert Moskin, recreates in dramatic exposition the historic conflict and the revered city through which it was fought.

As both military history and vivid reportage, this riveting account relives hour by hour the ferocious battle, which spilled into the very streets of the historic and divided city.  Included in this remarkable perspective are detailed battle accounts from generals and soldiers of both sides and the personal stories of mothers, teachers, doctors and innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire of adversaries determined to fight to the finish.

Complete with maps and photographs, Among Lions is at once both a broad-canvas and an intimate view of the 1967 war in Jerusalem and the men -- Jews and Arabs – who fought it, men whose biblical fierceness, military daring, and individual courage have already become legendary. 

Praise for
Among Lions

“ A superbly readable and documented evocation of Jerusalem and a conflict that changed the course of history.”
Teddy Kollek,
Mayor of Jerusalem

“…written with Moskin’s accustomed accuracy and style, a sense of movement and drama which makes the book read like a novel.  I have enjoyed his other works of history; Among Lions is perhaps the best yet.  It will help all of us understand better ways toward the solution of the so-called ‘Jerusalem problem.’”
The Rt. Rev. Paul Moore, Jr.,
The Bishop of New York

“Close-up…intimate…an unforgotten struggle and an unforgettable account.”  
James MacGregor Burns

A masterful reconstruction, powerful in its impact.”
Anthony Lewis,
The New York Times