J. Robert Moskin
Moskin at work
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J. Robert Moskin, historian, writer, and editor, after fifteen years’ work has researched and written a history of the U.S. Foreign Service, with emphasis on its implementing and affecting American foreign policy.  This book starts the story in the spring of 1776 and brings it to the present.  No such history of the Foreign Service has existed until now.

Of Robert Moskin’s nine published books, Mr. Truman’s War describes the political side of the final five months of World War II and the opening of the post-World War II age.   Random House published it in 1996, and the University Press of Kansas published a trade paperback edition in 2002.

Generally regarded as the definitive work on the subject, Moskin’s history, The U.S. Marine Corps Story, was first published in 1977 and is now in its third edition (Little, Brown).  (In 1998, he also helped edit a large-size picture and text book called The Marines.)   Among Lions (1983) told the story of the climactic battle for Jerusalem in 1967; for it he interviewed all the surviving Israeli and Jordanian officers who fought in that battle.

Robert Moskin’s degrees are in American history, a bachelor’s from Harvard College and a master’s from Columbia University.  At Harvard, he was elected Class Odist and a member of the Signet Society, and served as the managing editor of the daily Harvard Crimson.  During World War II, he served in the U.S. Army for three years, half of it in the Southwest Pacific.

After serving in World War II and receiving his MA, he reported for several newspapers, and then served as an editor of Look magazine for nineteen years, the final five as its Foreign Editor.  He reported from many of the trouble spots of the world.  He covered the Vietnam war three times – including a war-time visit to enemy-held Hanoi –  as well as assignments in the Middle East, Berlin, East Asia, Europe east and west, Korea, and Cuba. Early on, he was a senior editor of Collier’s and the managing editor of Woman’s Home Companion.

After Look closed, Robert Moskin served for five years as the Editorial Director of The Aspen Institute, which convenes worldwide seminars, and then for four years as the Editorial Director of The Commonwealth Fund, a major philanthropic foundation based in New York.  During that decade, he was also a senior editor of World Press Review and an editor-at-large of the Saturday Review. During recent years he has devoted full time to writing American history.


American Statecraft book jacket
The story of the United States Foreign Service is that of men and women who spend much of their lives overseas in harm’s way.
J. Robert Moskin has researched and written their story that started in March 1776, before the Declaration of Independence is even signed. It takes them down through war and peace, to the negotiating table and battlefield, and to today’s threats of terrorism and nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Until now, this story of the U.S. Foreign Service had not been told.
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